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JACK”S CORNER is a recent addition to ballacchino design, I have decided to create a line of custom designed beds for my clients who want their furry family members to have a stylish place to rest their heads after a long day of playing. I am in the process of building a couple of beds for k-9’s now and I will upload the photos when i have completed them. I can design and build any style to fit the look of your home and any color combination you desire. If you are interested in ordering a custom piece for your pet, Please call or email me with any questions. Below you will find a few of the concepts I have designed. I hope you will check back to see the finished pieces.

Pictured in a few places on the site is Jack, he is my 11.5 year young lab pit. Jack joined the family as a pup from the Atlanta humane society. He has spent a lot of time at my workshop helping to chew up wood scraps and be a great shop guard. ( guarding My lunch) He is one of the smartest dogs I’ve known plus he is just an all around cool pup to be around. I am sharing a few favorite videos of his antics. A day in the life of Jack. I hope
you enjoy them.

the enclave
the lloydthe club